Here are examples of the different kinds of things we do, or have done.

A high performing data modeling technician in a well known financial company was an average manager needing help.  He was a busy guy who had to be both producer and manager, strategist and tactician.  He was completely capable of all this, but needed some help in follow through, using his resources, hiring practices and, most of all, the appearance of a “devil may care” attitude, the subject of much consternation.

As usual, we started with a set of interviews and a few assessments.  Key among them,  the Birkman assessment.  Then we identified goals, and got clear on the perceived barriers to achieving those goals and developed plans to ensure we produced those goals.  In this case, we met weekly for 9 months and slowly, but surely, we moved him though to achieving his goals.  It was a tough time for him, since I had been brought close to the end of his managers patience with him.  There were issues constantly coming up that had to be dealt with quickly, but in the end, he learned how to get it all done.

Culture Change is not easy.  It requires persistence, dedication, and a lot of employee engagement and it can take years to complete.  But even the small projects have a little bit of culture change in the.  People have to take on new practices or ask different people for different things.  You would be wise to figure out what elements of the culture are being changed at the beginning of the project, or be watching for it during the project.

Work with clients to invent powerful visions, specific and measurable conditions to be satisfied, clear milestones, values and operating principles with clients. Distinguish elements of the strategic architecture to be altered or processes to be designed and implemented to bridge the gaps to success.

Facilitate interventions in projects that are behind schedule

Teach out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving

Using the strategic goals of an organization, redesign the management structure to support those goals

Similarly, process re-engineering to support strategic goals and culture change goals

A large international pharmaceutical company wanted to implement a unified contract management system in the company disrupting the department processes organically developed over the life of the company. During the 18 month engagement, I went from one department to the next conducting an impact analysis, interviewing the contract managers and the department heads, and then created a plan to mitigate that impact with each group. I also produced the change plan, the communication plan, created the logo and other collateral materials and turned them over to the other program leads.

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