Project Design and Management – First in a series

One area of keen interest for me has always been project design and management.  Managing a large project can be an exciting, career-enhancing event. But it can also be a confusing, discouraging and messy business.  I created Strategic Project Design for managers and employees who need to do projects, not for official Project Managers who build bridges or buildings.  I designed it for the average person in a corporation who needs to balance their day job with longer term goals.

This is first in a series of Project Management postings.  I will go through the parts of a project, the best way to design them, how to manage projects, work with teams, think about budgets… all the aspects of working on projects.

When I work with clients, I like to work with them on current projects.  It is an excellent microcosm since all the issues that come up around their entire job also come up in the area of  project management, no matter how big or small the project.  I have used projects as a training ground for clients for years and it is a rich source of problems, and with it’s compressed timelines, you can work an issue with a client through to the end.  People shine or not as team leaders, they thrive or not dealing with budgets, coordinating and allocating resources.  They can stumble and fall because of communication or change management issues.

I think of projects as career gold.  Read on and find out why.




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